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The Fibaro Flood Sensor is a universal flood and temperature sensor compatible with the Z-Wave standard. The device enables operation on batteries (durability approx. 2 years) and on direct power supply (12 or 24VDC).

The flood alarm is sent to the Z-Wave network devices and additionally it can be sent by opening the NC contact to any alarm control panel. The device has a built-in temperature sensor that monitors e.g. the floor temperature. The Fibaro Flood Sensor is designed to be placed on the floor or on a wall with the contacts of the flood probe led out. The Flood Sensor has a built-in LED indicator and an audible alarm.

In addition, the Fibaro Flood Sensor is equipped with a tilt sensor that will notify you of the sensor’s shift or fall (e.g. in the event of theft) with a sound signal and an alarm in the controller or alarm control panel (e.g. in the event of theft). Wave. The device is not susceptible to flooding and drifts in the water, in the event of a large flooding, constantly signaling the alarm.

Flood Sensor Features:

The tilt sensor reacts to more than 15o tilt and movement of the device. It will inform you of any attempts to move the device or tampering
The built-in temperature sensor can be used to control underfloor heating or support the fire protection system
Built-in alarm siren
Telescopic probes thanks to which the sensor works properly on uneven surfaces
A visual signaling device can inform about an event by colored lighting of the built-in RGB diode
The built-in output connector allows you to connect an external probe and the input connector allows you to work with any wired alarm system

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