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Lighting dimmer – control of classic light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps and LED diodes.


Dimmer 2 (Dimmer 2) remotely controlled by the FIBARO system is designed to control any type of lighting. It can be used in installations with or without a neutral conductor. The dimmer automatically recognizes the connected load, is protected against overload, short-circuit, works noiselessly and has a “soft” start function, which enables gentle brightening of the connected load (in the case of fluorescent lamps and other specific lamps, e.g. with a starter or some old type transformers, it is only possible to switch on / switch off without dimming). Using a dimmer, you can turn on and dim lamps with the Z-Wave. Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave + controller

The device can be controlled with the FIBARO Home center or any other Z-Wave network controller

Advanced microprocessor control

Intelligent lighting type detection algorithm

Automatic selection of the optimal control mode for the load

The function of measuring the active power consumed by the load

Soft start – soft start – gentle switching of lighting in order to save filaments

Memory of the last lighting level setting

The device works with monostable, bistable and roller shutter buttons

Actuator: electronic semiconductor element

Place of work: surface-mounted and flush-mounted boxes meeting the requirements of national regulations and the minimum dimensions of the box

The FGD-212 is a remote control unit

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