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The Smoke Sensor FGSD-002 is one of the elements of the home automation system based on the Z-Wave technology. It is an optical smoke detector that protects against the effects of fire.

A minimalist design that catches the eye

Almost every smoke detector available on the market is a design that is designed to react quickly to the existing threat. However, few manufacturers pay attention to the appearance of these devices. It is true that a smoke sensor should take care of safety in the first place. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that in most cases it is mounted in a fairly visible place, usually on the ceiling. How to combine high security parameters with an aesthetic design? Fibaro engineers successfully answered this question. They created the modern Fibaro Smoke Sensor 2 FGSD-002 smoke detector, a perfect device that sets trends on the market, being second to none. Carbon monoxide and smoke detector combines beauty and modern technology, all for the sake of your home.
A smoke detector that has that something

When creating our devices, we leave nothing to chance, which is why the carefully made Smoke Sensor not only protects you and your loved ones, but also constitutes an elegant and stylish detail of any room. Much for such a small smoke detector, right?

A smoke detector that can do much more

Despite its inconspicuous size, the Smoke Sensor is a smoke detector and fire alarm in one. This compact device offers more than you expect.

  • wykrywacz dymuSmoke detector
  • czujnik temperaturyThermometer
  • Smoke SensorAudible alarm
  • czujnik dymu z alarmemWarning light
It protects your loved ones every day

What most often keeps us awake at night is fear for the safety of our loved ones and effective protection of items that are valuable to us. The FIBARO smoke detector in your home is a guard who watches over you at any time, every day.
History of smoke

Regardless of whether you arm the alarm, the smoke detector collects information about smoke and temperature in your home. Thanks to data analysis, every, even the smallest change is recorded in order to best protect you and your family in the future.
Sensor configuration

Nobody likes false positives. To prevent the alarm mode from being triggered, e.g. by frying food in the kitchen or lighting up the fireplace, it is worthwhile to vary the sensitivity of the Smoke Sensor depending on the room. Where smoke is difficult under normal conditions, the detector should be set to the maximum level of sensitivity. Thanks to the appropriate configuration, the Smoke Sensor will perfectly fulfill its function, and you will be sure of the best protection.

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