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Compatible with Z-Wave and Z-Wave + controllers.
Supports protected mode (Z-Wave Network Security) with
AES-128 encryption.
Gesture detection without touching the panel.
Battery powered and / or with a 5V power supply. After connecting
external DC power supply, the battery is used as power

Feel the power of gestures

FIBARO Swipe is a revolutionary, battery-powered device that allows you to control devices via the Z-Wave network using gestures. Move your hand up, down, left or right in front of the panel, make circular gestures and use a sequence of gestures to intuitively control your smart home.
A frame like you

The beautifully finished SWIPE frame allows you to easily exchange photos whenever you feel like it. Take a moment to dismantle the front panel, and after a while you will be able to enjoy your eye again with a photo of a family vacation or moments that bring a smile on your face.

Life without Swipe? Impossible!

Gestures play a huge role in our lives. A handshake or an outstretched thumb can say more than hundreds of words. And yet we often use gestures completely unknowingly and naturally. It will be no different with the gestures used to manage your home.

Make life easier

Make life easier for the people you care about the most. Show how with one hand movement, without getting up from the chair you can ventilate the apartment, turn on the heating or put water for tea. Fibaro SWIPE is an ideal product for elderly people for whom modern technologies are a complete abstraction. One hand movement is enough to make their lives easier.

Now your move

It’s easy. Raise your hand and move it down to turn off the light. Raise your hand and LED strips will illuminate the ceiling. Swipe right if you want to turn off the TV and other RTV equipment.
Designed to delight

The most modern, innovative technology in the world is hidden under a smooth, pleasant to the touch casing. Quite simply: SWIPE has been developed down to the smallest detail, so it impresses in every respect.

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