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Manually turns on and off any devices and actions within the FIBARO system.

The Button – Home on

The controller allows you to manually turn on and off any devices and actions within the FIBARO System. The Button is a wireless, compact device that can be placed virtually anywhere. It can be permanently attached or its position changed.
For home

As a universal, manual switch of any electrical devices and scenes.
For business

As a functional device supporting everyday activities in the company and customer service.
In emergency situations

As a button for contacting the guardian or calling for help.
Various color options

The Button is produced in several colors. Properly matched it can be an interesting accent in many rooms.
Always at hand

Use The Button the way you feel comfortable and wherever you need it.

Visible or hidden

Depending on your purpose, you can keep The Buttons on top or leave them hidden.

Text notifications

With one click, your relatives will inform you about their needs or call for help.

Easy to sync with the system

Assigning the Button to the FIBARO System is almost as simple as using it.

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