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The MCO HOME thermostat is a modern product that has a built-in Z-Wave module and is also integrated with the Fibaro system. The mchome MH-7 thermostat is an electronic device designed for quick, easy and convenient installation in a flush-mounted box. It can be used, inter alia, in building automation systems.

Wall mounted Z-Wave thermostat with a large LCD display designed to control a water heater / boiler. Equipped with a tempered glass panel with capacitive buttons and a large, clear LCD display with basic information. Three operating modes: Manual, Auto (work periods), Vacation. Programmable schedule for 4 events each day. It supports two temperature sensors: internal and external (optional).

Product features:

Programmable thermostat with a 7-day schedule function that allows you to program 4 shifts per day.
Simple installation in a flush-mounted installation to standard wall sockets in the European Union.
The Z-Wave module allows for remote integration with any platform based on the Zwave protocol]
Adjustable frost and high temperature protection
Accuracy indicator ± 0.5 ° C in the range from 0 ° C to 99 ° C


White color
Communication: Z-Wave RF 868.42 MHz
Power supply: 85-236V AC 50 / 60Hz or 24V DC
Maximum load: 5A
Housing: plastic with tempered glass front panel
Installation: 60 x 60 mm mounting box
Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 43 mm

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