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Rain sensor with measurement.

POPP Z-Rain Z-WAVE rain sensor

Want to be informed when it starts raining and your windows are still open? Or maybe you want to intelligently control your garden watering and spot rainfall as well? The POPP Z-Rain function enables it in your Z-Wave smart home. The Z-Rain has an internal rocker in which rainwater accumulates until the weight of the water tilts the rocker. The tilt will be recorded from the reed switch sensor and also counted. On this basis, rainfall will be calculated. The first time you tilt the key, i.e. from the very beginning of the rain, you will get the first value from Z-Rain. You can then receive a push message or an email if one of the windows is still open and the awning will close automatically. The great advantage of Z-Rain is that it not only detects rain, but also measures the exact amount of rain. A small shower is not always a reason to close the side windows. You can also configure the rain value when you want to be informed about rain. During rainfall, Z-Rain reports to the Smart Home Gateway the amount of rain every 1024 seconds in m3 (total rainfall), mm per m2 and mm / h (current rainfall intensity). When precipitation falls, the last measured value will be sent to the gate. Then the value will be zero again. This allows you to turn off the garden irrigation with the onset of rainfall and activate the next watering cycle based on the measurements of the last rain.

Technical parameters:

Power supply: 2 x AAA battery (included),
battery life up to 2 years
Range in open area: up to 150 m
Dimensions: 132 x 132 x 139 mm
Weather resistance: according to IP55 standard

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